Monday, April 4, 2011

My first trip to US; an email I sent to my friend about the experience (July 2006)

Hello Angel, how are you?
We had a long transit, 12hrs at the Bangkok airport. I had thought it would be very hectic but the airport is really very big.
Just roaming around the various duty free shops easily killed 4-5 hours, and then the other round of window shopping, I mean viewing. Everyting so attractive, felt like buying everything but you know I cant buy anything right now.
I had only seen the escalators or the down going stairs but there I also saw the the horizontal moving "walkways". You can just step on that and move around the airport without having to walk yourself.
We took a midnight flight from Bangkok to Korea. The plane was a big one, around 300 passengers. First time I felt the sorrounding of unfamiliar passengers. The in-flight service was quite good but I was feeling so sleepy, I could not utilize it much.
We landed up at the Incheon airport, Korea at 8 am local time.
Had to go to the toilet without water to wash........, first time used the toilet paper... still feel something stuck on........
Had the experience of automatic tap, you just put your hand underneath and water flows.... took me some time before I figured that out (watched others do it first)
Nimesh departed to Atlanta leaving us there.
Then we boarded the flight I was much scared of, a 13 hrs long flight, sounds quite hectic, doesnt it.......?
But that was the largest plane I've ever seen, around 500 passengers capacity, double deckered.
The flight service was so fine, you could order anything and they were ready to serve anytime......
and the most delighting.....every seat had a screen, you could watch movies, play games, listen to music, news and view flight progress and information with individual remote control
lastly I landed up at many people's dreamland...... I dont know if its my dreamland too.... but America "wasn't a love at first sight". I had started feeling uneasy of leaving my home...
the immigration police was finding difficulty issuing me immigration visa for the time period I wanted. He took me, (other frens same condition) to the immigraton office. They wanted me to take the CS, go back to my country and return again. That was not possible, I explained and we discussed the option of extension and they finally issued me and others 6 mths visa, that was expected.
Ragess dai and Binod dai were waiting outside for us. They took us to their apartment; Ragess dai was in a hurry to go to his work but still he prepared food. We had it and slept to wear off our tiredness......
lets end it for today, i'll tell you more in the days to come
keep in touch

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